Golf Rain Play Essentials: Dealing With Habitual Errors

Playing golf in the rain is a challenge many golfers don't want to deal with. In some cases it can help you make changes to your play. Few admit to having issues concentrating during wet conditions. In this situation you should consider elements that make it difficult for you to focus. Once you understand what you can change or what you have been tackling from the wrong angle, rain play may become easier for you and you may look forward to exercising what you have learned when it rains again. Here are some tips to help you deal with habitual errors in the rain.

Prepare In Advance to Stay Dry

This seems like common sense, but many golfers fail to prepare or think it is not that big of deal to do so early. You need quality waterproof equipment including pants, jacket and shoes. You should research and learn different options for waterproof golf equipment. This is a big tip for those that feel rain conditions make it difficult to concentrate.

Have Towels and Gloves Handy, but Use Equipment that is Appropriate

Consider all weather gloves and keep a spare par with you. There are golfers that admit to keeping a pair under their hat to keep them warm in case they need them. One aspect of making good plays are to keep dry as much as possible. When you have such items available be sure they are appropriate to use on the golf course.

Know the Rules for Wet Play

This is important as they help you know how to play your ball in certain situations, such as how to mark, replace and clean your ball. Some golfers may not have an idea what these rules are or have yet to review this information at the golf course they are playing. You can obtain this information in advance to have on hand and for personal golf study. Such information can help you make necessary changes to your play technique.

Consider Changing Clubs to Give You Better Results

Some may consider using woods instead of irons to obtain more loft and better contact in soggy conditions. This may vary depending on the hole you are playing and the technique you use to make your play. It helps to have a couple of clubs in mind to use during wet conditions to help you concentrate.