How To Make Consistent Contact With Your Irons In Golf

Many people have asked me - how to hit irons solidly with crisp contact every single time? The answer is rather simple and that is you must be willing to spend the time to practice. However, that's practicing alone will not be enough, as you must know how to do it properly. Golf is certainly not an easy game and you need to know all the technical stuffs if you were to become successful. Remember, practicing smart is a lot better than practicing hard. Here are a few tips for you to make consistent crisp strike with your irons when you play on the course:

  • Hands ahead of the ball
  • This is a must whenever you are hitting iron shots. Putting your hands ahead of the ball would allow you to create a slight descending angle of attack and it helps you to sweep through the ground with a small divot. That is the essential of hitting iron shots! You must be able to create a small divot, as that is proof that you have struck it perfectly! Try this drill at home - you don't even need a club in your hands.

  • Watch out for your ball position
  • Ball position no doubt plays a huge role in terms of your ball striking ability. In general, when you are hitting a 7-iron you would want your ball positioned in the middle of the stance or an easier reference would be to be right on top of your sternum. In most cases, the longer the iron, the more forward you put the ball.

  • Short and compact swing
  • The last thing you want to do with your iron shots is to over swing and hit the ball all over the place. One of the best things to do would be to create a short and compact backswing instead. That way you would be able to control every movement of the club and you can almost guarantee to make solid contact with the club head every single time. It might be difficult when you first try it out, but once you get a hold of it, you will be striping it!

  • Hit punch shots as a drill
  • Try and hit low punch shots on the range. If you manage to hit the ball solidly with this shot type then chances are that you are already a pretty good ball striker. It's demanding but you can work on this drill to improve your ball striking!