Golfer's Guide to Algarve: Main Features of the Morgado Course

The Morgado Golf Course is a beautiful area with plenty of greens and limited bunkers. As a sister course of the Alamos golfers have a number of features to look forward to. Aside from playing on the course there are different activities you can do off the course when you want a break. This is the place for calm relaxation while taking advantage of golf opportunities that can improve your skills. The following points offer more insight and features about the Morgado course you should know.

  • There are two 10-hole courses players can make rounds on. The Morgado Golf Course is a resort with two 10-hole options for golfers. This can be a great getaway with plenty of adventure and challenges to look forward to. It is a prime option for those who want to stay onsite but have different options as to where to play without traveling far.
  • The golf course is located in a beautiful mountain area with a few water areas. The course offers great views of nature with large mountains in the background. There are a number of water areas that vary in size within and around the course areas. You may want to keep this in mind when playing holes that are near water hazards.
  • Individual and group golf lessons are available through the Club House and Golf Academy. If you are traveling as a group or just by yourself you can get lessons onsite at their Golf Academy. Some tourists recommend this option if you are new to playing on the course. Others like to warm up their skills just before getting out on the green. You can learn some tips on how to play challenging holes from instructors.
  • Many fairway areas are flat but feature minimal hills and slopes. The fairway areas are beautiful with hints of variations of the greens. Most of the greens are in good condition but there are some slopes and hills to be aware of that could make your play a little tricky. You may notice them near sand bunkers.
  • Several small bunkers throughout the course may make for good bunker practice. The courses feature small medium size bunkers that can be great for getting in practice on bunker shots. If you need assistance in improving your skills in this area you could benefit from onsite lessons.