How to play a good short golf game

Playing a short golf game comes down to a few simple concepts that can make or break your game. You need to have the right club to help you tackle each hole. You need to know the shot you need to take to play the hole. You should also have a good idea of your swing sequence or technique to use. Some golfers look at this game with a formula or personal technique that can help them win. Yet, understanding the main components may be a good start in getting the advantage you need when you make your shots.

Knowing the Kind of Shot You Should Take

This includes understanding the best approach to take when considering your technique. The kind of shot you take may be the best option to help you complete to hole. Yet, in some cases it can be challenging to understand what your best option is. Consider your strengths and weakness in making your choice and visualize your outcome. Some like to take a short pitch shot which allows them to move the ball by sliding the club under it.

Which Club Should You Use to Make the Shot?

This can help you achieve the stance you need to make your shot. You can consider a club that will offer the most contact or touch of the ball. You should be able to use your club to swing toward the target with your body, but doing so with a smooth motion and shallow swing. The option for the best club may vary depending on technique or approach. A 5 iron can be an option and some golfers like to chip with this iron as well. A longer club may be an option but others may reach for a wedge which may or may not be much help.

Get the Results You Want by Determining Your Swing Technique

Minimal wrist hinge may be the key to helping you achieve a good game. Your swing should be accompanied by a one-lever motion that many find easier with an open stance. The front foot may take most of the weight with a short backswing to help drive you through the ball. There are golfers that feel extra wrist action is not necessary as long as your body follows through to face the target and avoid flipping your hands.