Learn How to Take Better Aim with This Great Golf Tutorial

Aiming properly is a part of golf that flies under the radar. Most people blame a poor shot on their swing or some other factor, but many poor shots are actually caused by improper alignment as opposed to a bad swing. If you aim in the wrong direction and hit a good shot, your ball will still end up nowhere near the intended target. Learn how to aim properly and you just might find that your swing is much better than you thought it was.

There are a few simple steps you can take in order to quickly improve your aiming ability -

  • Practice your aim. If you are anything like most other amateur golfers, you probably don't pick much of a target on the driving range. This is a bad habit to get into, and can translate into poor habits out on the course. Make sure every shot you hit on the driving range has a specific purpose and target so you are practicing not only your swing, but your aim as well. Simply by practicing your aim consistently on the driving range you can improve your ability to aim properly on the course itself.
  • Aim the club, not your feet. The most common mistake is to aim your feet at the target, instead of the club. If you are a right handed golfer and you aim your feet to line up toward the target you have picked, the club will actually be aimed way out to the right. From there, you will either have to pull the ball back toward the target, or the ball will just sail out to the right and you will assume it is the fault of your swing and not your aim. As you move into the shot, aim your clubface at the target first, then set your feet accordingly.
  • Find a short range target. As you stand behind your ball getting ready to hit, find a spot just a few feet in front of your ball that is in line with the target you have out in the distance. It will be easier to line your club face up to the short target when you take your stance, so use this method to make sure you are on track. Rehearse this method on the driving range and it should come easy when you get to the course.