Top 5 Golf Tips on How to Handle the Wind

The one thing that most golfers don't want to find when they arrive at the golf course for a round is a windy day. While dealing with the rain can be annoying at times, it is pretty easy to handle with an umbrella and a couple of towels. However, wind is a whole different story. Trying to hit good shots - and shoot a good score - is a much greater challenge when the wind is blowing.

Review the following tips and put them to use the next time you play a round of golf in the wind.

  • Swing softer. The number one mistake that most golfers make in the wind is swinging harder than they usually do. Swinging harder puts more backspin on the ball, which will only serve the make the wind harder to deal with. If anything, you want to swing softer and use an extra club to cover the full distance of the shot.
  • Stay in your tempo. Another common problem is losing track of your tempo and swinging quicker just to get the shot over with. You want to keep your technique and fundamentals as consistent as you can during a round of golf in the wind, and that includes your swing tempo.
  • Don't launch downwind. It is tempting when playing a downwind shot to swing as hard as you can and launch the ball high into the air. While this might result in more distance, you will lose all control over the shot and just have to hope that it comes down at the right time. Instead, play the ball lower in the air to make sure the wind isn't too much of a factor.
  • Take your medicine. There might be a couple shots that you encounter during the round that you just can't handle like you would in calm conditions. For example, a shot that you could usually get over a water hazard and onto the green might need to be a layup depending on the wind direction. Keep your patience and make smart decisions.
  • Pick safe targets. Instead of aiming right at the flag even when it is located close to a bunker or water hazard, aim at the center of the green and give yourself more margin for error. You likely won't be as accurate when the wind is blowing, so plan on that and pick conservative targets.