Things That Make Millennium Golf Course In Portugal A Real Hotspot

Golf is the main attraction of the Algarve region in Portugal. This small area that stretches from the Atlantic Ocean to the Spanish border has as many as 80 golf courses. For golf enthusiasts planning to visit Algarve, this is both good and bad news. It’s good because golfers can enjoy a wide variety of courses. It’s bad because tourists are put in a tough situation to choose just two or three courses to play on the trip to Algarve. Today, we’re going to convince, why the Millennium Golf Course is a real hotspot you should visit.

  • Compared to some of the other Oceanico courses, the Millennium is of recent creation. You can be rest assured that the course has been designed keeping in mind the taste of the modern golfers.

  • Many players, who visited this course, would have noticed the unique feature of the course. The fact is that Oceanico Millennium is a mix of two sets of holes. The Oceanico Group hired Hawtree and Sons – the United Kingdom based architects – to create a new set of nine holes and combine them with the nine holes of the Laguna Golf Course.

  • The original back nine that belonged to the Laguna have been refurbished to suit the new course. More trees were planted; tees, bunkers, and greens were restructured and rebuilt; and every effort to make the new course more golfer-friendly was made.

  • The Millennium Course is set in a beautiful countryside with plenty of pinewoods and other local trees. Now, there is no need for tourists to visit nature parks in search of calm and peaceful atmosphere. You can take pleasure in nature’s gifts, enjoy the awesome views of the landscape, and also play your favorite sport.

  • The term we used earlier ‘golfer-friendly’ shouldn’t mislead you into thinking you’ll have an easy time on the course. To perform well on this course players need to adopt different strategies at different parts of the course. The area that hosts holes 3 to 7 has thick vegetation comprising of pine trees. Players are advised to be careful in their shot picking and be more accurate with their strokes. Furthermore, on this part of the course, the fairways are narrower and longer.

  • Other parts of the golf course are open with very little vegetation. An open course automatically makes weather an important factor to consider while planning game strategy. Golfers will have to negotiate lakes at holes 4, 17, and 18.