Golf Tips For Seniors Who Want To Be The Best On The Course

Even though golf club manufacturers continue to look for ways to provide golfers with the potential means of hitting the golf ball further, the reality is that age catches up with everyone. While it is wrong to think that sheer strength guarantees distance because timing is key, golfers will lose distance as they get older. Instead of hitting a 6 iron into a par 4 green that may become a 5 iron and ultimately a fairway wood. It is whatever they are comfortable with in reality without straining.

It is wrong to think that distance is always a priority of course. Those who can hit the ball huge distances but have little control over direction are in fact hitting balls even further into trouble. The secret for a senior is to understand the importance of hitting the fairway off the tee. If the next shot into the green is at the limit of the distance that they can hit a ball it is far better to concentrate on accuracy even if the second shot comes up short. A good short game can still get a par and the dangers of being too ambitious are likely to include rough or bunker.

A good short game does not require strength. It is a matter of technique and plenty of practice. Everyone has preferences. Those playing on fast running links courses may prefer a chip and run to get on to the green. Others are happy to fly the ball directly on to the green. Whichever shot you prefer you need to practice and then of course think about your putting.

Good putters always need to work hard at their stroke. There are several elements to putting and confidence certainly helps. Confidence can come from the hard work put in on the practice green and among other things involves:

  • Routine. Some things may seem quirky but if they become part of the routine stick with them.

  • Reading the line is a skill of course and the pace of the putt becomes just as important.

  • A smooth stroke, taking the putter back and following through the same distance.

  • Relaxing is important; you should grip the putter too tightly.

The secret of playing good golf, especially for seniors that may not hit the ball as far as they used to, is to keep the ball in play, course management, and practicing the components of the game, chipping and putting, where age is not the determining factor.