What It Takes To Handle The Vale Do Lobo Royal Golf Course

The Royal Golf Course has a total of 18 holes and it requires sheer technique to conquer all the holes. The Royal Golf Course is famous for its 9th and the 16th hole which is on the top of the hill. Here are the techniques for all the holes of the Royal Golf Course.

  1. For 1st hole, your starting shot should be between the Fairway and you should use 2 shots to reach the green in order to avoid the Pine trees in between the path.
  2. For the 2nd hole, you should hit the ball towards the center and you will easily reach the large green. Your shot should be aerial.
  3. For accomplishing the 3rd hole, you need a powerful shot in the middle of the fairway. It will take 2 shots for you to reach the green.
  4. The 4th hole is quite difficult as it is surrounded by 7 bunkers. It needs both power and accuracy.
  5. For the 5th hole, you should hit the ball slightly left of the hole as there is a slope which will help the ball in getting back to the center.
  6. 6th hole requires a drive towards the right of the center.
  7. 7th hole requires an accurate shot in order to avoid the water in front and bunker at the end of the hole.
  8. For the 8th hole, hit the ball slightly right of the bunker but left of the hole in order to get close to the hole.
  9. The 9th Hole which is the par 3 is famous for its beauty and is surrounded by water on its 3 sides. This shot needs accuracy and power, both.
  10. For 10th hole, the ball should be driven slightly left of the two bunkers and the rest will be done by the slope.
  11. The 11th hole has a bunker so you will have to drive towards the right of the hole.
  12. The 12th hole again requires an elevated powerful shot towards the right of the center.
  13. The 13th Hole requires a straight drive as it has bunkers on its sides.
  14. The 14th Hole needs a Tee shot towards the right of the center in order to avoid the water pond.
  15. The 15th hole also requires a shot towards the right.
  16. 16th hole has a breath taking view. It requires a shot towards right and then a chip shot in order to reach the hole.
  17. For 17th hole, hit a powerful shot towards the right of the center.
  18. The 18th hole requires a shot towards left of the center but accuracy is the key.