7 Things To Know About Castro Marim Golf Course Packages

Golfers, no doubt, are always in search of courses to test their skills on different conditions. Playing on challenging golf courses is exciting and fun, and most golfers look to do it often. A relatively recent golf course that promises exciting golf and delivers is the Castro Marim Golf Course.

Opened in 2008, the Castro Marim Golfe and Country Club has three 9-hole courses, namely The Grouse, The Atlantic, and The Guadiana. Each of these three courses is unique and has something different to offer to the golfers. There are a certain important points you need to know before you select a Castro Marim Golf Course package. Here are the 7 things you need to know:

  1. For visitors, the Castro Marim Course has two sets of packages. Golfers wanting to play 18 holes can avail the opportunity and pay 85 Euros, and the green fee goes down to 42.5 Euros for 9 holes. You would be thrilled to know that the course offers discounts for both 18 and 9 holes package.
  2. With the goal of promoting the golf sport among youngsters, the course has announced reduced green fee rates for juniors. Budding golfers under the age of 17 get to play 18 holes for a fee of just 34 Euros and they can enjoy 9 holes for 20 Euros.
  3. The course has three green fee packages to attract golfers. You can play four rounds at the course for a very reasonable fee of 180 Euros. The more rounds you choose to play, the more you save at the Castro Marim Golf Course. If you opt to play 6 rounds, instead of just 4, you have to shell out 258 Euros only. Interestingly, the green fee is just 480 Euros for 12 rounds of golf on this fantastic golf course.
  4. Those who intend to visit the golf course frequently can opt for the membership package to save big. Seasonal visitors to the Algarve can avail the Seasoned Membership for either 3 or 6 months. Apart from the reduced rates, you also get the chance to take a couple of guests with you at a discount price.
  5. The other two options available to golfers are the Gold Membership and Platinum Membership. Under these two plans you can either choose the singles or couples package. The Gold Membership has both 6 and 12 month package, whereas the Platinum Membership offer only 12 month package.
  6. Before stepping on the course if you want to hone your skills or learn the nuances of golf from experienced coaches the most obvious thing to do is choose the Driving Range package or join the Golf Tuition.
  7. The course has many Buggy and Trolley deals that might interest you when visiting the Castro Marim Golf Course. If you’re a tourist there is no need to fly out your golf clubs as you can rent clubs from the course for a small fee.