Learning to Drive the Ball like the Pro Golfers

If there is one skill that most amateur golfers would like to be able to copy from the players they see on TV every weekend, it is surely how well they drive the ball. Most pros are able to hit the ball straight down the fairway more often than not, and usually have some impressive distance on their drives as well. Being able to hit long and straight drives consistently makes the game a whole lot easier than when you are playing from further back in the rough. Driving the ball like the pros is no easy task, but you can improve your game off the tee with some practice and good fundamentals.

Use the tips below to try and take your driving to a whole new level.

  • Good tempo is key. Many amateur golfers rush through their swing, feeling like the faster they move the club around their body, the further the ball will go. In reality, the only time during the swing that the club needs to be moving fast is at impact - the rest of the swing can gather speed slowly so that everything comes together just perfectly when the club face meets the ball.
  • Flatten out your swing. The driver is meant to be swung around your body, rather than up and down. As the clubs in your bag get longer, the lie angle gets flatter to encourage a "rounder" swing - and the driver should be the longest club you have. Focus on making a rotational swing without your arms doing too much lifting of the club up into the air. This might take some time to adjust to the feeling of a flatter swing, but it will be worth it in the end.
  • Stay on balance. You won't achieve long and straight drives on a consistent basis without good balance in your swing. Try to avoid any sliding motion from side to side as you swing the club - instead, think about just rotating your body around a balanced core so you can build up speed into impact. A rotational swing is able to develop a lot of power that can be unleashed into the ball, and it also is easier to repeat than one that slides from side to side. Spend some time on the driving range working on good balance before you try to unleash your powerful new drives on the course.