5 Driving Pre-Shot Routine Tips for Beginner Golfers

When playing golf, the artful game, one must know the tricks and techniques. Moreover, one must excel at those tricks to make them routine. Pre-Shot Routine Tips are tips you should learn, in order to make a routine if applying them before you make a shot. They are your shield from pressure and your blanket of comfort. 5 pre-shot routine tips are listed below:

  1. Stand behind the ball and imagine a line between you and the ball. Looking past the target, decide what shit you will hit and in what direction. Now, to simulate that decision of hitting, make a practice swing. Closing eyes often between the swings can help you hit accurately.
  2. Then while standing right behind the ball, visualize the shot and the flight it will make. Some people visualize with one eye closed while some like to imagine they are being watched on a TV. Decide what kind of a visualizing person you are and then go. Again, closing eyes often while making practice swings can help in shooting. At this point, some players take the club up and mark out the position in air as to where they are aiming.
  3. While keeping your eyes on the target, walk into the shot. Prefer walking in from the side where the club is outfaced, It often proves to be a good idea.
  4. Keep your eyes locked on the flag. We suggest you fix a number of waggles and looks at the target and the ball. It helps in keeping your mind fixed at the ball, your grip on the club firm and your posture steady while shooting. For example, fixing having three waggles and three looks can be helpful, you would know when you will be shooting and how much time you have got to concentrate until the shot takes place. Some people have key thought while they are aiming and focusing at the target. So stay calm and take your time to aim, you may get a key thought about the shot which no one except you can execute. Pros tend to have 3 or even 5 key thoughts while aiming; and that is what makes them a pro.
  5. Finally, execute the shot you have been predicting an aiming for. Hold your finish. Study the shot. Accept it and watch if it was a bad shot, do not give up and stamp feet.