Becoming a masterful putter with these 5 tips

Putting is an essential skill in the game of golf. Many players will put more often meaning they will use their putters regularly. A large number of golfers will invest in putters because such clubs are inexpensive. They can be helpful to beginners just learning the concept of golf and they can help advanced players keep their skills sharp. When you are on the course it is likely you will use a putter more than others clubs in your golf bag. This means you need to develop useful skills and techniques so you can master each hole you play. The following 5 tips provide additional insight on how you can become an effective putter.

  1. Know the greens and how to read them. When you hit the ball it will travel across the green, but you need to know the condition of them to understand how it will affect the way the ball travels. This means explore the condition of the grass by noting any areas that are contour, hills or bumps and moisture content.
  2. Have a comfortable grip. You need to explore different grips to find the best one for you. This will make a difference when you are ready to address the ball. You can practice putting with different grips to get ideas on what would be effective for you.
  3. Understand your position and distance from the ball. You need to know where you should stand and how far from the ball before you take your shot. There are professionals that will count putter head lengths from their feet to the ball with the amount being somewhere around 2.5.
  4. Make sure the ball and putter is square within each other. This helps you understand your stance and the position of the ball. You may need to place the ball to the forward or center of your stance. This allows you to hit the ball with better precision. If the ball is too far off it will not reach its intended target. Keep the club head to the ground as low as possible when you putt.
  5. Complete a couple of practice strokes before you take your shot. You want to establish a good rhythm with smooth motion as you swing back and forth. Think of a pendulum that moves from side to side. Make sure your head is steady. The lower portion of your body should be still as you move to hit the ball.