Effective Golf Tips to Help You Gain More Distance in Your Drives

Adding distance is something that you would probably like to do for all of your clubs, but especially your driver. When you are able to hit the ball longer off the tee, you can get into better position to attack the green - and hopefully shoot lower scores. Distance on its own isn't helpful, as you need to be able to combine your distance with accuracy in order to achieve success off the tee.

When you decide that more distance is needed to take your performance on the course to a new level, try using the following tips -

  • Flatten the ball flight. While it might look nice to see your tee shots fly high up into the air, that height is probably costing you in terms of distance. For most golfers, a flatter ball flight that allows for some bounce and roll when it lands is going to be a better formula. You can bring your ball flight down through a combination of equipment changes and technique adjustments. Spend some time on the practice range experimenting with alterations to your swing until you find one that generates a ball flight you are comfortable with.
  • Use the right ball. Many golfers lose out on potential distance simply because they aren't using the right golf ball. Just like you can experiment with different drivers to find a good ball flight, you can also try different golf balls to see which one offers the most distance. Be careful, however, that you don't pursue distance while losing other features of the golf ball that you need - such as spin and feel. Find the golf ball that is the best all-around combination for your game of distance, spin, and feel.
  • Work on your confidence. Having confidence in your game can help in a variety of ways, including by finding your more distance. If you are confident in your swing, you will be less-tense during the swing and more speed will likely result. Nervous and unsure golfers are ones who don't max out their speed, and end up with drives that are shorter than they could be. Practice time usually leads to confidence on the course, so make sure you are well prepared before you head out for a round. Believe in yourself and have confidence before each tee shot, and you should find more yards rather quickly.