Golf Tips: Make Sure Your Pitching Is Up To Scratch

Pitching in golf is an important skill that can make or break your game. When your skills are good it can help you save par. Elements such as consistency, accuracy and distance control are helpful as long as proper setup at address. To ensure you learn how to obtain consistency with your technique it helps to review elements that could use a little fine tuning. If you are looking for ways to improve or check your method for pitching, here are a few points to help access your game.

  • Know which clubs you can use to give you a better result. Consider a 9-iron, gap wedge, pitching wedge or lob wedge. Some golfers may have a favorite iron to use which is great, but you could be limiting yourself to achieving better results if you don't take chances. You can practice with different clubs to get an idea of results and how they vary. Depending on the shot you may find it necessary to use a certain club over another.
  • Know how to hit your shot. The key is to watch your backswing and downswing. Your body may turn a bit as you go into your downswing. When you have an idea of how far you want to hit the ball this will help you setup for the shot easier. Check your stance and body position. Think about the target line you want the ball and club head to travel. What realistic result are you trying to achieve?
  • Know the circumstance to understand how to play the ball. You will have more than one type of pitch shot to choose from based on the distance from the target. One reason many golfers struggle with pitching because there are different types to consider. You may need to make a slight change to your setup, stance and backswing. Doing so gives you more control in getting the ball where you want it to.
  • Know your mindset and be creative. Determine the right trajectory and ball flight needed to give a better chance at producing a good shot. Sometimes you have to play around with your technique to get results. Be realistic in your attempts but keep ball trajectory in mind to help you develop a winning method. Visualize your shot briefly before you take it.