Tips for finding consistency in your iron play

Being consistent with iron play includes a variety of actions the golfer should be ready to take on. You will need to make sure such elements are in place each time you play your rounds. Golfers should also expect to take time to perfect their abilities through drills and exercises that will make a difference in the future. Here are a few easy to follow tips to work on getting the consistency you want for your iron play.

  • Make sure your club face is aligned. Many golfers often wonder why the ball goes in a direction they did not intend for it to go. This may be due to poor alignment. Your feet should be lined up with the target, but it helps when your club face does just the same. Your stance may need a little adjusting and you can access the target from behind the ball to get idea of where it will go when you hit it.
  • Use the right club to get the result you want. The length may not always be a factor in the club you choose. Other aspects such as the wind and hazards may influence your choice. Also, if you anticipate on taking another shot or a follow up shot, your first option may not be the same as your second.
  • Find consistency in your stance. You will want to avoid changing it if necessary. To be a better ball striker you need a good stance. You may find you need to make changes only if you are not getting the results you want. For instance, the angle of your spine or the ball position could be tweaked just a bit. There are a few good photographs on the internet that can demonstrate this.
  • Have a good grip. A solid grip is your secret weapon. Some golfers are still experimenting with and without gloves. Your gloved or leading hand will have the most emphasis on the handle of the club.
  • Learn to make the wind your friend. In others words play with it instead of against it. Amateurs will need to develop this aspect in time, but advanced players will have ideas on how to take advantage of it. You can work on hitting a fade or a shot that has a curve in it. Some may say you will want to hit this instead of a draw.