Golf Lessons: The Best Way To Play The Downhill Chip

The downhill chip shot is known as one of the most challenging shots to make in golf. This shot when executed successfully can help a golfer save par. Making a chip shot from an awkward spot will depend in how well you can swing the ball out and up from the slope. This means instead of just playing your shot off the slope, use it to your advantage and play with it. So when you play the shot the key is to play with the slope instead of against. Here are a few tips to help you come up with a plan to play downhill chip shots.

  • Your clubface should be square with the target. Work to get the club flat when setting up for the shot. Your stance should be open and consider making it a little wider than normal. This element gives improved balance.
  • Your stance helps put the ball in position. This helps the ball get good contact from the club when you complete your downswing. The ball doesn't get scooped but flies from the club's loft. Your body should turn to the left side of the target. This includes turning your hips, shoulders, and feet.
  • Encourage your body to lean forward just a bit from your hips. This helps your shoulders stay in line with the slope. A good portion of your weight should be on your left foot for stability on the slope.
  • Have a good grip to use to your advantage. The inside of your left thigh helps guide your club with your grip leading on. An effective grip can pull the whole swing together with proper body positioning, weight shift, and balance control.
  • When you swing to hit the ball consider completing an axis spiral swing. Your hands and shoulders should make a V shape when you correctly rotate to go into your backswing. Maintain a light but firm grip on the club with your wrists relaxed. These elements will encourage good distance and control for the shot.

Additional Tips to Know on How to Play Downhill Chip Shots

Practicing your swing on a downhill lie can help you understand elements that need to be in place for an effective shot. As you practice pay attention to placement of your feet and how your arms swing while establishing a light grip. Practice the motion a few times before hitting the ball.