How to Mark A Golf Ball on the Putting Green

You may notice as you watch golfers play on the course, they may use a placeholder to mark the ball on the putting green. There are a few reasons why this is done and there are ways you can do this to help you make your plays. This helps distinguish your place from other players that may be sharing the course with you. While this may seem simple enough, there are things to remember while marking your ball according to the golf rules.

The Significance of Marking, the Ball Marker and Making the Mark

On the putting green you have an option to mark the ball and many experienced golfers may suggest you do so as it offers a few benefits. When you mark your ball it helps give the shot clearance. It gives you an opportunity to clean your ball from dirt and debris. This is important because if your ball is covered in too much debris it may affect how it roles on the green. Cleaner balls roll better. You can hit your ball while it is lined up; if you draw a line on your ball this may help you create good alignment when you're ready to make your shot.

An aptly is a ball marker or placeholder you use to mark your ball. You can use basically anything you want within etiquette and good practice. Something that is small and flat such as a coin can be a good example. Marking the ball properly can help you get the most benefit. Amateur golfers are known for doing this incorrectly because they either didn't know where the marker should be placed or they pick up the ball before they had a chance to put the placeholder down.

Additional Tips to Help You Mark a Golf Ball

Mark the ball first and then remove the ball; the rule is you should not move your ball until it is marked first. The marker you choose to use should be placed behind the ball in a straight line. When you place you ball back at the spot it should be placed in front of the marker before it is picked up. In short, you are working to put the ball back where it was originally. You could face penalties if the ball is placed in a different position. Consider proper techniques for moving your marker.