How To Draw A Golf Ball: Quick Grip Tips

There are two types of golf players; the ones who hit the ball for distance and the ones who take their time to improve on their long game by drawing. Drawing simply infers a tactic where the player applies a small hook on the ball when they are taking a long shot. This might sound like an impossible feat to achieve for beginner and some intermediate players, but it is not entirely impossible. You only need some brilliant ideas and practice and before long you will be able to perfect this shot.

Before we look at the steps that will make it easier for you to perfect this shot, we need to understand the benefits of the shot. This is important so that you know for sure why you need to learn it, and how it will improve your game.

  • Distance
  • First of all when you are able to hit this shot, you will certainly get the ball rolling further with a hook spin than you would manage on a fade spin.

  • Accuracy
  • The more you practice, the easier it will be for you to perfect this shot. This also allows you the ability to control the ball better when you draw. This way, once you hit it towards the target, the ball will actually shape towards the target region.

The following are some instructions on how to practice this shot, and it all comes down to the grip:

The grip

Make sure that you grip the club and run it along the base of your fingers. When you do this, you will be able to generate more power because you have a stronger hinge on the wrists. In the process you also get more control over the club.

While you are attempting this shot, try not to have a very strong grip on the club. Holding a very strong grip on the club will only make your work harder in the long run, since you will have a harder time controlling the ball. In the event that you use a normal grip on the club, make sure that the V that forms between the forefinger and the thumb is pointing to your right shoulder if you are a right handed player, or the opposite for left handed players. As is the case with so many other shots that you will come to learn about, practice is the only way for you to perfect this shot, so try to spend more time on the greens.