5 Quick Tips On How To Fade A Golf Ball

The difference between fading and drawing the golf ball can be easily understood by observing five main points. Your club, ball, stance and swing all play a role in determining what the ball does when it reaches midair. While most players already struggle with fading the ball - and would rather learn how to draw the ball - some wish they knew how to perform a technical fade. Let's focus on five points to consider when fading the ball.

  • Clubface science
  • Fading (and drawing) has to do with opening (and closing) your clubface at address. If it's open, the ball will veer right after reaching its highest point in the air. It may feel a bit strange gripping your club after opening it slightly, but this must be done if a fade is to be performed.

  • Feet aim
  • Feet should be aimed directly at the target. There's no need to alter this because ultimately, you want the ball to end up where you're aiming - regardless of what it does while in the air. However, this is not the case for your entire body, as will be seen in the next point.

  • Body aim
  • Your body should be aimed slightly to the left of the target. This may seem unnatural because your feet are aimed straight. But simply twist your body to the left while keeping your feet in place. This includes your head, shoulders, torso, waist and even your knees.

  • Ball contact
  • Where the ball is connected is another unconventional practice of a fade shot. Instead of aiming for the centre of the ball, aim in such a way that the centre of the clubface meets the ball slightly behind the centre. This is needed to effect the desired spin you want.

  • Swing path
  • Swing path does not need to be additionally manipulated. Remember, your body is already aimed slightly to the left, so your swing should naturally lean left - that is, if the swing isn't off. Combined with where the ball is being connected, a fade shot should automatically take place.

Your body aim will determine the left up-shot of the ball, while the clubface will effect the spin to the right. Your feet will then determine the target where it will land. Once you get accustomed to these principals, you will perfect your fade shot specifically for each and every instance it is needed.