How to Hit the Ball Farther in Golf: Swing Practice Drills

It is a great goal to want to hit the golf ball farther on a consistent basis, but doing so will take some serious effort. You need to combine solid technique with a confident approach in order to add to the distance you are currently capable of. While more distance alone won't make you a better golfer, it can be a big help when you are able to hit shorter approach shots throughout the round.

If you are interested in working on your swing with the goal of adding distance, try using the simple swing drills below.

  • Swing a broom. If you have a broom around your house, try using it to help with your golf swing when you aren't sweeping the floors. Find a safe place to make some practice swings with the broom, and take your normal golf grip on the handle end. Because the sweeping end of the broom is heavier, you will feel like you need to make a slower swing in order to mimic your normal swing technique. After trying to make a few practice swings with the broom, go back to a regular club and remember the feelings that you had in your hands and arms when swinging the broom.
  • Let it out. When you hit a regular golf shot, your goal is both accuracy and distance. One is no good without the other, so you are constantly trying to achieve both. For this drill, set aside a few golf balls on the driving range to try and hit as far as you possibly can. Don't think about your technique, or anything else specifically - just try to max out your distance. The shots might not be very good, but it will teach you how to be aggressive through impact. After a few shots, go back to your regular swing but remember that feeling of aggression.
  • Put down the club. A common mistake made by golfers who struggle for distance is trying to generate speed too much with the arms instead of the body. To solve this, put down your club and try making some practice "swings" with your body only. This will force you to pay attention to the way your body works during the swing, and you should start to feel how important it is to use your lower body properly to build speed.