Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Replace A Golf Club Shaft

Replacing your golf shaft is not something that should give you a really hard time these days. There are those who prefer to spar themselves the trouble and have someone else do the work for them, while there are also those who would like to get all hands on and get this done on their own. One of the best things about getting this done on your own is the fact that you will be in a good position to enjoy it, and you will actually come to get so much pleasure in playing with that particular golf club. The following guide should set you on the right path to replacing your golf shaft:

  • Items that you will need for the task
  • Removing the ferrule
  • Mount the vice
  • Releasing the glue
  • Insert the new shaft

Items that you will need for the task

The following are some of the important things that you will need to get this task up to speed:

  • Utility knife or a box cutter
  • Pliers
  • Vise, mounted on a table
  • Sandpaper
  • Propane torch

Removing the ferrule

First you will need to remove the plastic ring that is attached above the hosel. To do this you must use the box cutter but be really careful not to scratch the club in the process. Especially if it is a specialty shaft, you would not want to have uncanny scratches on it.

Mount the vice

Set a vice on the table and mount the club on it. Be careful when you are doing this so that you do not end up exerting too much pressure on it. Too much pressure from the vice can cause unnecessary damage to the shaft, and you might have to replace the entire thing altogether.

Releasing the glue

The hosel is tightly fitted to the shaft by glue. You will need to remove this glue if you are to replace the shaft. To do this, use the propane torch to heat up this section and then slowly release them from their attachment.

Insert the new shaft

Once you have done that, you can then insert a new shaft and then allow the combination to cool off slowly. Remember that all these steps need a lot of attention. You must pay attention to detail so that you do not skip anything, or cause any damages to the club out of ignorance.