Prompts for stabilizing your lead leg while playing golf

One of the most important elements of keeping your leg stabilized while playing golf includes achieving a good sense of balance. This element is important because of a number of changes that happen as you make your swing. Your body weight may shift from one leg to the other and this can affect how you follow through with your swing. Your lead leg is what helps you get power into your swing, but if there is an issue in how weight shifts in this leg this could affect the outcome or lead to a faulty swing.

Why Balance is Important

Our sense of balance changes as we get older. Even if you have been playing golf for a while you may have an idea of how your body weight shifts depending on how you swing your iron. If you have experienced an injury due to an accident such as a foot, angle or hip injury, you notice your balance is thrown off due to damage of the nerve. It becomes more of a challenge when aging is a factor especially if you don't take precautions to help improve or maintain your balance.

When Exercising Can Help Your Balance

There are exercises you can do to help improve your balance. It is a matter of finding compatible options that will help you on the golf course. Because your lead leg plays an important role in helping you swing, you may consider exercises that are good to do on one leg. You can do a single leg balance test that includes standing on one leg with your legs spread apart and your feet the same distance as your hips. Your arms hang to your sides as you lift one leg and hold it steady. You should try to hold the position for 25 seconds or more. You can have another person spot you if you think your balance is off track. Do the same for the other leg and note any differences.

Other Helpful Tips for Lead Leg Balance

You can consider other leg exercises that help you with balance. There are tests such as the single leg balance test and a similar one that you do with your iron in hand. The standing open-leg rocker is another form of leg exercise that is helpful in understanding how your weight and stability are challenged while you are moving.