A Tutorial to Fixing Flying Elbows in Your Golf Swing

A good golf swing is one that is compact, controlled, and uses body rotation to generate power. When you start to let your arms get too far away from your body, it is hard to make a consistent strike on the back of the ball swing after swing. Avoiding the dreaded "flying" elbows - and instead keeping them in tight to your body - is a key to improving your game.

Fortunately, it isn't all that difficult to remove the flying elbow from your swing. Follow the tips below and you should be able to get your arms into a good position fairly quickly.

  • Let your arms hang at address. A common mistake seen among many amateur golfers is reaching out to the ball too much at address. Instead, you want to let your arms hang naturally in front of you while you prepare to hit the shot. When you do this, your elbows should automatically be in a good position in tight to your torso. If you reach too much at address, you will be setting yourself up for problems later in the swing when your arms lift up and away from your body.
  • Glove under right armpit. When you are practicing your swing, try this simple drill to reinforce the proper arm position. Place an extra glove (or small golf towel) under your right armpit and try to keep it there throughout the swing. Make your full swing, and check to see if the glove is still in place when you are finished. If it has fallen to the ground, you will know that you lifted your arm away from your body at some point during the swing. If the glove stays in place, you must have done a good job of keeping your elbow down.
  • Think body swing. The driving force in your golf swing should not be your arms, but rather the rotation of your body. By using your body power the shot, you won't feel the need to make such a big swing with your arms. On the driving range, practice making a good turn back and through the shot, and allow your arms to stay in tight to your body throughout the motion. You should quickly find that your body is capable of producing plenty of power, and you don't need the extra swing from your arms getting away from your body to hit the ball solidly.