Playing with a Golf Partner: Five Things to Know

Playing golf alone is fun enough, but playing with other golfers can make the game even more enjoyable as you will have someone to share the frustrations and excitement with. If you are a new golfer, it might be kind of intimidating the first time or two that you are paired with another golfer for a round. However, if you don't already have any friends that play golf, this is the only way you will meet people that could become friends later on down the line. There is no need to be nervous - as long as you know the basic etiquette of the game, you should do just fine.

Below are five points to pay attention to when you play a round of golf with another player for the first time.

  1. Be quiet. Not all the time, just while they are hitting their shots. In fact, most golfers enjoy chatting between shots, so you will probably find that there is plenty to talk about during the day. Just pay attention to what is going on, and don't talk (or make other noises) while they are playing a shot.
  2. Avoid their putting line. An important piece of golf etiquette is to avoid stepping on the putting line of your playing partners. Pay attention to where all of the golf balls are in your group, and walk around when on the putting green so you don't step on the grass where they are going to be putting.
  3. Keep up. You don't have to be a great golfer to be a good playing partner, but you do need to keep up. Don't waste too much time before your shots - pick the right club, pick a target, and hit your shot. That doesn't mean you need to rush, only that you need to find a good tempo and keep it up all round long.
  4. Be friendly. Nobody likes spending four or five hours on the golf course with someone who is cranky and hard to be around. Even if you aren't an outgoing person, make sure to at least be friendly and pleasant. You will make a lot more friends that way.
  5. Help the search. If someone in your group hits a shot off line and is looking for the ball, be sure to help them out if you are near the area. You will certainly appreciate the help when you are in the same position, so it is good etiquette to assist in the search.