10 Things You Might Not Know About The Rilhadas Golf Course

The Rilhadas golf course is known for its awesome surroundings and short holes. Here are some aspects you may not have known if you've never played the course before.

  1. Forest surroundings
  2. There are two forest mountains on either side of the Rilhadas golf course. You're almost permanently surrounded by lush green forestation and

  3. Carved around an old railway
  4. There's an unused railway nearby that partly forms part of the course. This makes for a nice old-world feel on the course that can't easily be beat. This is a good enough reason to play this course when visiting Portugal.

  5. Nine new holes
  6. This course used to be a nine hole course. It has since been upgraded and now boasts a total of eighteen holes - each one as fun to play as the next.

  7. Onsite tennis court
  8. For those who dabble in a bit of tennis as well as golf, a nicely cared for tennis court is on the premises. Have a game or two with some of the regulars or with your companions. Don't forget to pack your tennis racket!

  9. Short play skills required
  10. A lot of the holes on this course are par-3 holes. This means that your short game needs to be up to scratch if you are to dominate the game. Work a little bit on your chipping and even your bunker play. Short shot aim is just as important.

  11. Putting skills is a must
  12. Putting is another factor you should work on before visiting the Rilhadas golf course. You'll be on the green more than anything else. Make sure you aren't there so much because you can't make your target or because you keep overshooting the hole.

  13. Golf shop available
  14. If you happen to need anything before your game, remember that a pro shop is available on the course. They not only sell equipment like clubs and balls, but they also have all types of clothing.

  15. Long water hazards
  16. Something else you may not know is that the Vizela River stretches through the course. This means that you will have a constant water hazard on your hands.

  17. Restaurant
  18. There's a lovely restaurant on the course premises. Stop over for a bite to eat after your game and consider having a drink with some of the locals.

  19. Excellent hotels nearby
  20. You won't struggle to find decent accommodation close to the Rilhadas golf course - making travel expenses less of an issue.