How To Make A Great Uphill Approach Shot In Golf

Many players dislike the uphill approach shot. Many golfers struggle with this shot for a number of reasons. Some felt no matter what they did before hitting the ball they were not happy with their end result, and it affected their scores negatively. Some had issues with elevation while others were not sure which club they should use. Some even try to hit the ball up higher into the air. When you think about it, there are a few things you can do that can make the shot easier to execute without too much frustration. Here are some points to help you think about your own approach to when making this shot.

Avoid Hitting the Ball Too High

An uphill approach shot can be tricky since some golfers want to hit the ball in their own way. Meaning, they may try to hit it the best way they think will give them a good result. Instead, they don't get a good result and the ball doesn't go very far or nowhere near the intended target. This shot can be frustrating if you don't take time to think about how to hit the ball. Hitting too high could cause the ball to fall short of its target or roll too much when it comes down to the ground.

Know the Right Club to Help You and How to Use It

Having the right club is important when tackling this shot. This is because each iron is made differently. Consider something with a good angle in the clubhead that will help you get the ball up off the ground. The type of club used may vary depending on how far away your shot is from the hole. For instance, if your shot is roughly 50 or 70 yards from the hole consider a gap wedge. If you are closer to the hole consider a lob wedge (25 to 50 yards).

Know How to Swing Your Club

A full swing will help you get the ball as close as possible to the target. Some players have a habit of taking the shot and failing to complete their swing. In other words, they do a half swing if they are roughly 100 yards or less from the hole. If you are 100 yards or more be sure to complete your swing from start to finish all the way through.