Top 5 Indoor Golf Drills For Improving Your Putting Technique

Improving your putting technique is something many golfers constantly struggle with. You may have a basic technique but there are times you need to switch things up a bit. You may need to get in some extra practice to get the results you want on the course. This is where a few good indoor golf drills can help you focus on problem areas when you can't get to the course and practice. Here are 5 indoor drills you can do from home or at the office to help you strengthen your golf technique.

  1. Putting with a ball and penny. Use two balls with one ball on the penny. The goal is to hit the ball off the penny with the second ball. This drill helps players focus on distance and power control. Even though you are hitting both balls you get a since of what happens when you hit the ball on the tee.
  2. Short chip shots with a towel or laundry basket. Use a wedge or 8-9 iron. Practice with short strokes to get the ball to land on the towel or in the basket. As you practice you can change your distance and move further back from your target, but keep your stokes short.
  3. Backswing practice with a book. Your palms should face one another while holding the book. Eyes are down while bending slightly at the knee. Go into your backswing and stop. Keep practicing to get the book at a 45 degree angle but if the book falls try again. Pay attention to your form and body positioning as if you are actually set to hit the ball.
  4. Use the wall while making practice shots with your ball and club. With this drill you try to get ball to rest at the wall without hitting the wall. You can change your distance from where you hit the ball and come back further from the wall each time you the ball without hitting the wall,
  5. Have cups to hit the ball toward. Use a few cups placed at different points on the floor. You can hit a few balls to different cups without making the ball touch the cup. Change your distance and you may want to use different irons to get an idea of which one would be best on the green.