Golf in Portugal: Top Five Attractions in Algarve


A relatively new course to the Algarve region, the Espiche golf course was designed to retain as much of the existing natural landscape as possible. It's a conglomerate of many of Portugal's very own plant and tree life. Difficulty of play is moderate on this 18-hole course and some holes may test the ability of advanced golfers. While there are plenty of hills on this course, it's not a strenuous walk to play it without a buggy - however a buggy is available for those who are not accustomed to walking across all 18 holes.


This course is one of the more difficult in Algarve. Tricky bends and isolated greens will challenge the more professional golfer who dares to take on this challenge. It's as if the designers of this course purposefully aimed to create something on a higher level that would stand out from other courses that may be considered "too easy". That being said, this course is a favourite among all golfers, whether professional, intermediate, or amateur.

Isla Canela

Imagine a golf course where orange and olive trees provide the very hazards you enjoy to look at, but aim to avoid at all costs! Isla Canela is one such course. Its beauty is only matched by its deceptive level of difficulty. It's a course that's been underestimated by many, but still remains extremely popular due to its lush Mediterranean scenery.


Definitely worth a visit on your golfing vacation is the Benamor golf course in Algarve. It's a course enjoyed by amateur golfers who just want to relax and enjoy the game with friends. While there are some challenges on this course, they are few and far between. Reputation-wise it's one of the most popular courses in the Algarve area and will likely continue to hold that reputation for a long time to come.

Vale de Milho

For those who want to have a quick 9-hole game, Vale de Milho is a course designed for beginners. It's a course that's shorter than most other courses and doesn't possess too many traps. Located close to a fishing village, the scenery never fails to impress visitors. A nice feature of this course is that all holes are visible from the end of the second hole, allowing golfers to develop a strategy early on in the game.