Why You Should Play The Penha Longa Mosteiro Golf Course

The Penha Longa Mosteiro golf course in Portugal is a great course for players of all levels. This is despite the opinion of some that this nine-hole course is strictly for beginners. There are some challenging areas that should not be overlooked. There are also some stunning scenery points that it would be a shame to miss if this course is skipped in favour of more difficult ones.

Two historic views worth seeing

While playing the Penha Longa Mosteiro golf course, don't miss out on two historic architectural wonders which can be clearly seen while playing. The first is an ancient monastery which has a distinct old-world look to it. The second is the Penha Longa Palace. It may be a good idea to hire a caddy along who can perform the secondary act of a tour guide and point these out to you while you play.

Great course for beginners

There are certain aspects which make this course perfect for amateur golfers. The course only has nine holes so there isn't much strain on players with little experience. There are also some wide open spaces and fewer obstacles than most courses. That being said, this course will pose many challenging holes. Don't neglect it if you have experience. It is a fun course to play and may surprise you when you least expect it.

Narrow fairways

Even though obstacles are not too common on this golf course, it is sometimes hard to keep the ball on the fairway. Many are narrow so your ball may land in the rough if your aim is off. This is one aspect of the course that is quite challenging, but also good for new players who need to test their accuracy.

Small greens

While it may be easy to putt on a smaller green, it can be harder to land the ball there. Chipping and approach shots will be tested at the Penha Longa Mosteiro golf course, so polish up on these before playing.

Perfect for a quick game of golf, the Penha Longa Mosteiro golf course only consists of nine holes and won't take extremely long to complete. If you have some time to kill, give this course a try. Don't listen to critics who say that it is too easy for veteran golfers. The course does present a number of challenges and may surprise some more experienced golfers. If for nothing else, go to enjoy the scenery and that authentic Portuguese atmosphere.