Top 5 Strategy Tips For Tackling The Pinheiros Altos Golf Course

Pinheiros Altos has a few unexpected holes that will leave you with a horrible score if you don't play them right. There's also the matter of choosing the correct 9-hole set out of the three available. We'll give you some insight into the general play of this course as well as some specifics for difficult holes.

Corks, Pines or Olives?

As you probably already know, the Pinheiros Altos golf course is a 27-hole course with three sets of 9 holes. The question here is will you opt to play Corks, Pines or Olives?


The Corks set of 9 holes has two challenging holes. The first hole is known as one of the most difficult because of its tee-off position. Choose you club very careful to avoid the many obstacles awaiting you at the bottom of the hill. You'll play comfortably after that until you get to the eighth. It's a par-5 that has two doglegs. Many professional players have ruined their games with this one, so play with care.


The fourth and the ninth hole are the two to look out for here. While the fourth is quite hard, it requires confidence to conquer. Don't doubt yourself here. Put lots of trust in your golf clubs and in your own skill as a golfer. The ninth is more of a hard finish, but it's not as difficult as the fourth.


The Olives 9-hole set is definitely the easiest of the three. Play this if you are still weary of courses designed to trip you up. The only one that will seek to mess your score up is the eighth hole. Some careful planning and smart club selection will put you in a good position to reach par or better.

The golf course terrain

All three of these sets have smooth terrain. It is after all a golf course fit for tournaments and championship games. What you should watch out for is trees that find themselves all over the course. Try to avoid landing anywhere near them so that you aren't forced to clear a tree and waste your shot in doing so.

If you are visiting Algarve, don't miss out on playing this course. If you have the stamina, try all three sets and enjoy the challenge with your golf buddies.