Professional Golfer's Advice On How To Flop A Ball

Flopping a ball - every beginner player out there wants to learn how to do this. It is indeed a good thing, brilliant even, the desire to learn how to do this. However, are you really ready for it? Is it really one of the challenges that you are ready to step up to? There is so much that you can think about with respect to learning how to make this shot. Flop shots are actually considered precision shots, and for the same reason you will need to get some serious practice under your wings before you get the perfect chance of working on it to perfection.

For the beginners out there, perhaps the first thing that you need to know is that all these shots take time to learn and master. What matters most is that you put in as much effort as you can, and you will hardly ever struggle as you learn the flop shot. You have to show that determination, the courage to learn and to beat all the odds and you will have an easy time learning this neat trick.

How can you move on to learn what to do with this shot? How do you move from an amateur to someone who has what it takes to make the best flop shot? Well, today we will share with you some professional golfing tips that if you take keenly, you will never have to struggle with this shot again.

  • Precision
  • Get the lies correct
  • Select your wedges


The first and most important thing about the flop shot is precision. You need to go about this only when you are sure you can get it. Do not attempt it when you are not confident for that might leave you at least 50 yards away from your target. This is actually a warning to those who are trying to practice this shot and play it without mastering it first. If you keep doing this, the frustration might even get to you and see you quit altogether.

Get the lies correct

Make sure that as you line up this shot, you have a reasonable lie and grass underneath the ball so that you can get a clean shot. For this reason, you need to ensure that you attempt the shot either from a hard or a tight lie.

Select your wedges

For this shot you need to select the wedge with the highest loft, and attempt the shot like someone who is going for a greenside bunker.