The Best Algarve Golf Courses With Great Views

Playing golf in Algarve is not just about the golf, but there is so much more to this place than you might know about. There are a lot of people who actually come here on holiday not for the golf, but because of the breathtaking views that make it an incredible place to be in. Of course golfing is one of the other major activities, but rest assured that as long as you are here, and you get to experience the view, you will never want to think of another place in the country, ever!

Herein are some of the best golf courses in Algarve that promise you not only an amazing round of golf, but at the same time, you are sure of an incredible and really wondrous view of the natural environment.

Oceanico Golf Course

This particular golf course boasts of 7 unique championship courses, and the view is truly amazing. When you are here, you are able to enjoy an unlimited number of golf games on their fantastic courses.

Salgados Golf Course

This is a really good golf course, with breathtaking views of the sea and apart from that, you also get to benefit from access to the Praia de Gale beach. To add on to this, their rates are incredible, with generous discount rates for those who book in advance.

Sheraton Algarve

You cannot talk about luxury golf courses with an incredible view without mentioning this one. Rising 200 feet above the Atlantic, the golf here is just heavenly, to say the least. It is actually one of the original golf courses in the country, and everyone who plays here has lots to say about the glory of the par 3 sixth hole.

Val de Milho Golf Course

This is one of the finest 9-hole golf courses and it is for this reason that it is normally frequented by lots of family holiday seekers. Overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, there is a good chance that you and your family will certainly have an incredible time just coming here and having fun.

San Lorenzo Golf Course

Founded in the year 1988, there is so much that you can enjoy when you come to play on this particular course. It is located just within the luxurious Quinta do Lago Estate, meaning that you do not only have an incredible view, but you also get to feel at home.