The Most Favoured Woodland Golf Courses In Portugal

Portugal offers a wide range of woodland gold course options for golfers. Players interested in changing their golf play experience can research different options prior to visiting the area. As you learn more about woodland golf courses you get an idea of how important it is to understand skill level and accuracy. Many of these types of courses offer excellent play conditions with lush settings including greener grass and more trees. This also means challenging play areas may be on the horizon such as bunkers, slopes and variations in grass conditions.

Finding the Best Woodland Golf Course Based on Play Level

Research golf course options in the area of Portugal you plan to visit. You can get a better idea of types of woodlands based on photos of the course. Study the course map to get an idea of trees and bunkers. There are exquisite courses with plush settings perfect for seasoned players. There are also courses with great golf academies and practice play areas for those who want to brush up on their skills. When studying options compare number of holes, most challenging holes and your ability to play based on recommended play suggestions from the course.

Choosing Your Golf Course and Potential Options to Consider

A few other aspects may help you decide which course to visit. Aspects such as timing, pricing and availability are just as important. It helps to have a few options in line to make an informed decision. You may be able to visit more than one course depending on location and distance. Think about the experience you want to enjoy and which course option will help you achieve the goal. Look for golf packages and discounts offered by the course when booking.

Depending on the season golf courses may have reduced green fees or special discounts for members. Another tip is to review feedback and recommendations from previous travelers. Learn about play experience, course conditions and whether they recommend others to play the course. You may get tips on how course conditions vary during weather changes. The following points offer a brief idea of some of the best woodland golf courses to check out in Portugal.

  • San Lorenzo Golf Course in Algarve (pine woodland).
  • Oitavos Dunes near Lisbon (mixed woodlands).
  • Oceanico Golf in Algarve (English woodlands).
  • Morgado Golf in Algarve (mixed woodlands).
  • Batalha Golf in the Azores (mixed woodlands).