Golf Swing Drills to Help You Find Your Tempo

Finding your tempo can be a challenge when you are working on your golf swing, but it is a challenge you need to conquer if you are going to take your game to the next level. Good tempo not only helps you to hit quality shots, but it also makes it easier to perform under pressure when your start to get nervous. Good tempo is not the same for every golfer, so you need to be true to yourself and stick with a tempo that you are comfortable with and that comes naturally.

Following are some simple drills that you can work on at the driving range to improve your tempo before your next round -

  • Count out loud. It might seem a little strange at first, but try counting to three out loud during your swing to improve the consistency of your tempo. Say the number "one" when you start to take the club back, "two" at the top of your backswing, and "three" right as you impact the ball. This counting drill will make you more aware of your tempo, and any points in your swing that might be rushed. Try hitting a few shots this way, and then go back to your normal swing without the counting to see if it has helped.
  • Hit short shots with full swings. For this drill, you are going to see how short you can hit the ball while still making a full swing. So, for example, if you normally hit your 7-iron 150 yards, try hitting it 100 yards instead. You make a full swing, but you use a smooth and flowing motion so that the club doesn't have as much speed as usual. To hit a good shot this way, you will have to have good tempo to stay on balance and in sequence.
  • Visualize your swing. Step back from the ball for a second and simply visualize your swing and what you want it to look like. The more detail you can picture in your mind, the better this drill will work in the end. Focus on seeing yourself making a flowing, long swing that is never rushed or hurried at any point. Once you have a clear vision of that swing in your mind, step back up to the ball and try to replicate the swing that you pictured with the one you actually make.