#1 Golf Tip For Beginners: The More Loft, The Better

When you are learning how to golf there are so many various elements of the game to keep in mind. It seems like every person that you talk to have a different list of tips and pointers. Some of the most important elements of learning how to play golf include:

  • Having the right attire to wear on the golf course
  • Having the right set of clubs that will fit your body type and form
  • Using the right instructor to learn how to play the game
  • Getting out to play a couple of times a week
  • Finding the perfect golf glove to wear on your non-dominant hand
  • Purchasing the right pair of golf shoes that are easy to clean and wont hurt the grass on the course
  • Understanding how to handle the challenges that are presented by most courses
  • Learning the etiquette of how to play through a golf course
  • Remembering to have enough extra balls in order to finish the game as you will inevitably be losing a number of balls as you learn
  • Knowing how to properly swing in order to connect with the ball
  • Safety of the game to ensure that you do not hurt yourself or others

These are just a few of the tips that you are sure to hear on a regular basis while you play through on a golf course. However there is one tip that you are going to need to know in order to get the most out of learning how to play the game in the beginning and get productive progress accomplished on the course.

The more loft, the better off you are.

This is because as you are learning how to play the game of golf, you are going to have to get the ball up in the air in order to accomplish the playing through of the course. As you get more experienced you will be able to hit the ball in a more direct and pointed way; however, getting the ball up and out is your most important directive of initially learning the game. This will help you to avoid traps and challenges that are presented by the course, and you will feel the trill of hitting the ball a good distance. There is a lot of value in feeling the rush of hitting the ball high and out for the first couple of times that you play the game. This will keep the adrenaline going to keep you engaged to learn more.