3 Simple Solutions for Dealing with Tight Lies in Golf

Tight lies in golf pose a serious challenge for golfers. They can be tackled differently depending on the club or iron you are playing with. Your technique in how you setup for a shot or how you approach the ball may vary slightly. A tight lie with short grass or minimal dirt present may change the way you want to hit the ball. Some golfers actually prefer for ground conditions to be with less grass, but if you are not skilled in playing tighter lies you could do the ground and your play more damage than good. Here are 3 solutions for dealing with tight lies in golf.

  1. Make changes to how your address the ball at setup. This is important to ensure you get solid contact with the ball. You can consider playing the ball further back in your stance. Have the shaft of iron lean toward your target before you begin to start your swing movement.
  2. Make your swing shallower at the point of takeaway. You have more room for error while not having the pressure of hitting the ball perfectly or just right. Your trail foot can drop back roughly an inch. You will start shot from the inside. When you have more room for error it is easier to make another shot within par.
  3. Have consistency in swing. Think about creating a lower trajectory. Keep your target in mind and aim toward the right. You can swing down from inside to allow the club to skim the ground instead of ricocheting. A consistent motion is important at this point. If you are not what happens is the ball may go in a direction you don't want it to, even if you aim it toward the target. It could go past your target or just produce a poor attempt at the shot.

Additional Tip for Dealing with Tight Lies

For visual perspective purposes seek photos online that show side by side comparison. Sometimes it can be a little confusing reading how to set up your technique without a visual concept to refer to. There are several videos great for amateurs to review for proper technique. You may find a few to view that offer tips and suggestions based on what professional golfers have done to see success with their shot.