Why Are Hybrid Golf Clubs so Popular?

Ten or twenty years ago, there very few options for clubs to hit long shots from the fairway. You could either hit a 5-wood or 7-wood, or deal with the tough to hit long irons. Most players opted for long irons because they were traditional, even though they often didn't yield very good results. Shots from the 200 yard range were brutally tough for the amateur golfer, and it didn't seem like there was anything that could be done about it.

Fast-forward to today's game of golf and there is a wonderful new category of clubs known as "hybrids" that have saved the day for high-handicappers all over the world. Instead of struggling to hit long irons, golfers can now choose a hybrid to replace their 2, 3, or even 4 iron and make life easier on the course. In fact, these hybrid clubs work so well that even many pros have put them into their bags.

So what is a hybrid club? At the name would suggest, a hybrid club is basically a cross between a fairway metal and an iron. At address, they look a lot like irons, but have a fatter profile and a larger club head. There are many ways in which a hybrid can help your game on the course, including -

  • Easier to get into the air. Long irons are notorious from scurrying along the ground when miss-hit, but hybrids are much more forgiving. Even a less than perfect swing with a hybrid club can yield a shot that is acceptable my most standards.
  • Longer distance. Even when well-struck, many amateurs had trouble carrying their long irons far enough to make them worthwhile. With a hybrid, that distance is easier to achieve and many players find that they get 10 - 20 yards extra on their shots when using a hybrid as compared to a long iron.
  • Great off the tee. Hybrids are a great option off the tee of short par fours and even long part threes. Having an extra option on the tee box is always a good thing, especially on holes that are narrow and require precision to hit the fairway.
  • If you are one that hates to pull your long irons from the bag and never seem to get good results when you do, hybrid clubs are a perfect fit. Try out a couple different models and find the one that is just right for your swing.