All You Need To Know About The Laranjal Golf Course In Algarve

The Laranjal golf course is one of the latest courses to be created in the Algarve region. The course offers great plays along with a beautiful landscape with plenty of plush greens. The course offers a strategic design with bunkers and hazards that will test your skills and offer plenty of adventure. The course sits comfortably nearby the golf resort with well-defined greens and open fairways. A number of golfers say this course offers a great experience they look forward for years to come.

Great Design with Plenty of Challenges for Seasoned Players

The design of the course includes eye-catching plush greens and plenty of bunkers and hazards. The Laranjal golf course is eco-friendly with special attention to nature and landscaping during the designing processes. Playing on the course is adventure. Golfers who have visited the course agree playing here will require a great level of concentration and accuracy. Just by taking a look at the layout of the course makes it obvious your skills will be put to the test at just about every hole.

Plush Greens Make for Excellent Putting All Year Round

Bermuda grass is sown in course with great maintenance. The course features high quality greens which many golfers say it makes a difference in how you play on the course. Because the course has special treatment and maintenance care throughout the year, you can enjoy a good round when you want to get away for a relaxing golf holiday. The greens add to the natural attractiveness of the course, but they also add to challenges at certain holes depending on your play technique.

Most Impressive Holes from 8th to 14th

Hole 11 is known as the best hole with 12 through 14 requiring high levels of accuracy. The course itself features a number of obstacles such as lakes and an area known as the beach bunker. Players will have a great adventure playing holes toward the middle of the course. Others say the first few holes help you warm up until you get to the 8th. From here you need more patience and concentration to take your shots. The view from these holes helps you get a better idea of what the course really offers. The challenges here encourage golfers to come back year after year.