Why You Only Need A Few Golf Clubs

If you are a beginner at golf and you are looking to start investing in your own materials instead of constantly renting the equipment from the golf course of your choice, then you are going to have to take it one step at a time. The first piece of information that you need to be aware of is that there is no real need for you to have an entire set of clubs right off the bat. Many beginners fall in to the rut of trying to afford and find the perfect complete set of golf clubs in order to get started. This is completely not necessary. You only really need a handful of clubs in order to get started. The biggest mistake you can make is investing a ton of money in to the complete set up front before you even get experience with the game and then losing interest. Golf clubs depreciate in value as soon as they are used. Therefore, starting out with only the necessary clubs that are perfect for your build and form will put you in a better place to experiment with this new game and figure outif you really like it enough to continue to commit.

You only really need a couple of clubs to get started. The clubs that you must have in order to start learning how to play include:

  • A wood club, like a driver or 3-wood
  • A 6-iron
  • A pitching wedge
  • A putter

These are the bare minimum types of clubs that you will need in order to learn the game of golf to see if you really like it. You do not need any other clubs until you are fine tuning your golf practices.

The Wood Club - Driver or 3-Wood

As a beginner you are going to need a wood club in order to hit the ball far distances. This is usually used for your first shot of a hole in order to get the ball far out on the hole. You start out with a wood club like a driver or a 3-wood to hit the ball far distances, and then you scale back to make more precision shots as you progress through the hole.

The 6-Iron

The 6-Iron is used to hit precision shots that are in the middle of the hole. You will need this to navigate around challenges that are presented throughout the course.

The Pitching Wedge

The pitching wedge is used when you are navigating shots around the green. You will take out your pitching wedge when you are closer to the end of the hole.

The Putter

Finally, the putter is used when you are on the green and close to the hole. This is used for extremely precise shots to make the hole in as few strokes as possible.